WAC Admin & Licensing (Trainee & Journey WAC Credit)


  • Journey WAC Credit 8 Hours
  • Trainee Credit: 8 Hours
  • Includes Printed Copy of WAC/RCW 2020
  • Focus on Content Series

Certified for 8 Hours in the BCE category (trainee CEU), this course dives deep into the certification and licensing rules.  Start here for those unfamiliar with the program, state rules, and how to become a certified Washington State electrician or specialty electrician, how to start a licensed electrical contracting business (and when you have to.) Starting with a brief history of the  Washington State Electrical Department rule development, policies, enforcement and describing how each electrician, including specialties, plays a part in the overall program.  How to log hours of experience, the difference between CEU credit hours and experience hours, how to tell if a CEU class is active and approved for credit, and which ones YOU need.  Printed copies of the WAC 2020 are included with the class, or you may print out a copy from LNI’s website–click HERE to go to that page.

If you have more than one electrician number, you only need to enter one.

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