1. Facial coverings are required of all students and instructors while in the classroom
  2. Eating is not allowed in the classroom (yet)
  3. Drinking water or coffee in the classroom is allowed, while drinking you may lower your mask if you are seated and separated
  4. Temperature checks will be taken at the beginning of the class session
  5. Washing of hands is required after using the restroom, blowing noses, and eating
  6. Sanitizer is available for use between hand washes
  7. If a student feels ill before class, do not show for class.  If a student feels ill during class, notify the instructor and leave.
  8. If an instructor feels ill before class, the class will be canceled.  If an instructor feels ill during class, the class will be stopped and rescheduled.
  9. All registration records will be kept per State requirements.  If asked for these records by an agency working to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the records will be provided to that agency.
  10. All books, handouts, papers, exams, notes, shall be passed one-way (from instructor to student). Sign-in will be done verbally and recorded by the instructor.
  11. Avoid bunching up near the restroom, classroom entry, or center aisle.  Stay seated as much as possible.
  12. Tables/desks will be wiped down by the student seated at them using wipes provided by the facility at breaks and end of class.