What is Verify Training LLC?

Verify Training, LLC is a Washington State Electrical Continuing Education Provider, we offer classes online and in person (Seattle Area).

CEU Class Basics
Journeymen level (includes Specialties/Administrators/Masters) Electrician Certification holders may use classroom or web-based training, they have three categories that they need to obtain every three years:
  • WAC/RCW: a minimum of 4 hours
  • NEC Code: a minimum of 8 hour
  • Industry Related Education: can be used to fill the rest of the time
  • Total of 24 CEU Hours for a three-year renewal

Trainee level Electrician Certification (and Modified Trainee) holders may only use classroom-based training, they have only one category to fill—the Basic Classroom Education category

  • Consists of State Code, Theory, and NEC
  • 48 Hours of CEU required for two-year renewal
Are the classes at Verify Training LLC certified—do they have a WA number?

Yes. All courses available as electrical CEU will state the WA number. If you don’t see a number, the course is not yet certified for Electrical CEU Credit by Washington State LNI. This may be verified by contacting the Electrical Department at LNI

Payments and Receipts?
Classroom courses:
  1. Register using the website or by phone/email: https://verify-training.com/classroom-courses/ -or- 253.277.8756 -or- [email protected].
  2. We will send you an invoice.  There is no payment system on the website for classroom courses.
  3. A secure link in the invoice will accept Credit/Debit
  4. You may bring in your payment on the day of class
  5. If your company is paying for the class, we require an email from your company accepting the charges
  6. We can provide a receipt for you, and will send you an email with more info
Online courses:
We currently use PayPal to process our online payments. Please print the receipt that PayPal displays when paying to retain a copy. If you have a PayPal account, they will email you a receipt as well. If not, you can still use the service, but the email receipt may not be as reliable.
Do I get a Course Completion Certificate?
Classroom Courses:
After all of the requirements have been met, you will receive a course completion certificate.  If you are taking electrical CEU classes, Verify Training will submit your credit to LNI.  If you are taking a Boiler Refresher class, we submit to Seattle, but not Tacoma.  Please retain your certificate to demonstrate your completion.
Online Courses:
After you complete and pass the course you will get an email to your Course Completion Certificate. It is available on the site once you finish with payment and return to the site. If you have any trouble getting the Certificate, please return to the site, enter in your Electrician Certification number, open the course you were taking, and follow the link to Course Certificate.
I need Basic Classroom Education, can I take your online courses?
No, LNI will not honor CEU courses completed online for Trainee Certification holders. Please register for Classroom courses.
Do you offer anything besides CEU credits? I need a Prep-for-Exam class.
Yes, Verify Training LLC offers a variety of courses for Prep-for-Exam, please click on the Classroom Link to find our in-class schedule.
What if something goes wrong on the website and I don’t get my CEU credit or I need additional help?
You may email us at [email protected] or phone at 253.277.8756. Or, Contact Us here. We will return your message as soon as possible.