Verify Training LLC was created to provide courses to assist professional maintenance staff with licensing and certification requirements. Our core focus is on trade licenses and certifications that are required for employment by building engineers in the Seattle area.


Launched in 2012 by Travis Smith, for the purpose of establishing a formal organization to provide continuing education courses and prep-for-exam classes for Seattle area building engineers.  By October classes for engineers were in progress and have been since.

In late 2013, Verify Training LLC began the steps to reach a broader audience by beginning the construction of this website. The goal is to be able to provide high-quality CEU courses to people in areas outside of the range and reach of Seattle classrooms, outside of the normal classroom hours, and with the frequency and availability that puts the student back in control of their own courses.

In early 2016, a new classroom was opened in Kent to provide courses for students needing BCE category Continuing Education (Trainee Credit) for electrical trainee certificate renewal and prep-for-exam in the classroom. This classroom also serves for in-person classes for the Seattle Refrigeration Operator License, the EPA Universal Refrigeration Handler License, and Boiler Refresher courses.

**All courses are created and certified through the appropriate agency. CEU credits are offered to the public when they are current as certified by Labor and Industries of Washington and/or City of Seattle.