Electrical Theory/Math for Trainee & Journey IRE


  • Journey IRE Credit 8 Hours
  • Trainee Credit: 8 Hours
  • Includes Printed Copy of WAC/RCW 2019
  • Focus on Content Series

Certified for 8 Hours in the BCE category (trainee CEU), this course is also certified and recommended for Journey/Specialty/Admin level certification holders.  This course was designed with the beginner in mind.  Covering electricity generation, magnetism, AC/DC, Voltage/Current/Resistance/Watts, Capacitance, Inductance, Transformers, Power Factor, and more.  A great class for those that have been out of the science classroom for more than a couple of years.  This class discusses the concepts found in the Electrical Math Workshop (Math Class) and is recommended as the first of the two.

If you have more than one electrician number, you only need to enter one.

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