Boiler Refresher 5-Year


(Licensed Seattle Operators)
  • Boiler Operator Refresher Credit: 8 Hours
  • Current Boiler Operator License Holders 5-Year Renewal

Approved by Seattle and Bates/Tacoma as the required Boiler Refresher, due once every 5 years for all licensed Boiler Operators that carry City of Seattle Boiler Licenses.  This course covers Safety, Operation, New Technology, Current Events, and Boiler Code.  See the calendar for dates. All materials are included.  Students receive a course completion certificate to be used as evidence of successful completion of the class for renewal purposes, and course attendance will be submitted to the City of Seattle on behalf of the student.  Bates License holders must submit their credit through Bates directly after the class.  Students must attend the entire session and pass a short exam at the end to receive credit.

**Tacoma License holders: We cannot provide classes to holders of Grade 1 Steam or Supervisors from Tacoma/Bates Boiler Program at this time.

Please enter your Seattle Boiler License Number. This is used to ensure your credit is applied correctly, please double check before submitting.

Please indicate your Grade/Class of Boiler License. Seattle Holders: indication of Grade is sufficient, no need to indicate Supervisor status.

Boiler Refresher: Operators who hold both a Seattle LIC-BO and Tacoma BTC License should put their second license number in here. If you only have one license, leave this blank.

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