WAC/RCW Update for Trainee & Journey WAC Credit


  • Journey WAC Credit 8 Hours
  • Trainee Credit: 8 Hours
  • Includes Printed Copy of WAC/RCW 2020
  • Prep-for-Exam Series
Certified for 8 Hours in the BCE category (trainee CEU), and for 8 hours of WAC Credit for Journey Level, this course introduces the trainee to the WAC/RCW, Oct 2020 edition.  The course covers the installation rules, inspection requirements, permitting, administration rules–including certification/licensing, exams, administrator requirements and duties, supervision for specialty/trainee requirements, company rules/requirements, continuing education, Washington State Electrical Department rule development, policies, enforcement, and much more. Each electrician, including specialties, takes a timed, one-hour exam on WAC/RCW.  Printed copies of the WAC/RCW 2020 are included with the class, or you may print out a copy from LNI’s website–click HERE to go to that page.

If you have more than one electrician number, you only need to enter one.

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