Intro to NEC Part C (Trainee & Journey IRE)


  • Journey IRE Credit 8 Hours
  • Trainee Credit: 8 Hours
  • Students must bring their own copy of NEC 2020
  • Prep-for-Exam Series

Certified for 8 Hours in BCE category (trainee CEU), this course continues the process of familiarizing the student with the National Electrical Code.  The 2020 NEC version becomes effective in July 2020. This section covers Article 400 thru Article 516.  Instruction and discussion for 6 hours, slides that help with the discussion, and a 30 question exam at the end. For students learning the Code for the first time, for those preparing for the exam, and for those that are continuing their progress toward certification. This course is best taken after Introduction to 2020 NEC Parts A and B, and before Introduction to 2020 NEC Part D and E.

If you have more than one electrician number, you only need to enter one.

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