Boiler Fundamentals & Safety 80-Hour Course


  • In-Classroom Seattle Boiler Operator 80-Hour Fundamentals and Safety $1250
    • Approved by Seattle SCI as the Education Substitution toward qualifying for the exam (This is the 80-hour course)
    • Includes Lab Time!
    • Prepares unlicensed operators who are not already qualified to take the exam
    • 10 Saturdays of 8-hours each
    • Includes textbooks (a $270 value!), printed materials

    This course is intended to prepare students for a career as a Boiler Operator in the City of Seattle Steam Licensing and Boiler Operator Program.  Utilizing the Steam Engineer and Boiler Operator License Law, 2021 edition, paragraph 6.420.080B: Education Substitution, 40-hours of lab work and 40-hours of classroom instruction, to provide the training necessary to qualify the students for the Grade 4 Boiler Operator Exam through the City of Seattle, Department of Construction and Inspections. No additional lab time or on-site supervised boiler instruction will be necessary for the student to qualify for the Seattle Grade 4 Boiler Operator Exam after successful completion of this course.

    This course is led by Lilly Tellefson, with Georgetown Tech.  Lilly is an awesome instructor with almost 30 years of boiler class instruction experience.  This class will use non-live components, a field trip to an active boiler plant, lecture, textbooks and weekly quizzes to prepare the student to take on the responsibility of operating a boiler plant.  Textbooks are included with the cost of the course.

The Boiler 80-Hour class does not require a Boiler License. If you have one, please enter it here for matching within the City of Seattle’s License Holder system.

Please indicate your current Grade/Class of Boiler License. Seattle Holders: indication of Grade is sufficient, no need to indicate Supervisor status.

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