2020 NEC Update for Trainee & Journey CODE


  • Journey CODE Update Credit 8 Hours
  • Trainee Credit: 8 Hours
  • Students must bring a Printed Copy of NEC 2020
  • Satisfies NEC Code Update Category

Certified for 8 Hours in the Code Category for Journey and applicable to Trainee Level Technicians.  This course covers the major changes from the revisions as the National Electrical Code migrates from the 2017 edition to the 2020 edition.  Over 100 changes are highlighted in the presentation covering Article 90 through Article 830.  Students need to bring their own copy of the 2020 NEC to class, available at NFPA.org, online booksellers, large bookstores, and college textbook bookstores wherever engineering or electrical classes are presented.

If you have more than one electrician number, you only need to enter one.

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