Meet the Team

  Travis Smith, Owner/Instructor

Travis has an Associates in Mechanical and Electrical Technologies from CCAF.  He has worked in contract HVAC/R work doing installation, repair, alteration and maintenance; in building engineering; and an apprenticeship with the US Air Force doing the same, with an ongoing 20 plus years of field work.  Travis is a Specialty Electrician 07 and 06A, and for 6 years was the assigned 07 electrical administrator for a larger property management firm in Seattle.  Other certifications include boilers, currently a Grade 2 Steam Engineer, with experience starting in 1994, and a Journeyman Refrigeration Mechanic from City of Seattle.

Travis has been teaching professionally since 2004, and has been involved in training others in the trades since 1997.

 Nello Grazzini, Instructor

Nello Grazzini has 36 years of boiler experience. He has held a Seattle 3rd grade Steam License since 1981. He was the Everett School District boiler mechanic in the early 1980’s and serviced 24 boilers thru-out the school district. Nello worked at GTENW for 11 years and serviced all their boilers and mechanical equipment. From 2003 to 2008 Nello worked at FHCR Center in their boiler plant. Nello has worked on large electric boilers in the food processing industry to high pressure and low pressure steam boilers and low pressure hot water boilers that are in most physical plants and buildings.

Nello holds certifications in electrical, as an 07 Specialty, and in refrigeration as a Seattle Refrigeration Operator Grade C (manufactured refrigerants and ammonia).

Jade Shell, Administrative Assistant

Jade graduated from Tyee High School and is currently enrolled in Seattle Art Institute. She is currently helping with administrative duties in the mornings at the classroom.


Kimberly Smith, Marketing

Originally from Bellevue, Kimberly graduated from Syracuse with a BFA in film and drama.  Her expertise in small business management and skills in computer graphics and data management contribute to Verify Training’s main marketing campaigns.


Amy Simard, Accountant

Originally from Ketchikan, Alaska, Amy graduated from Western Washington University and has over 10 years in the accounting field.  Joining the Verify Training team in 2016, her previous positions include working with both Travis and Nello in another company.


Forest Faulkner, Technical Advisor

Forest has worked building engineering for over 30 years, for public and private firms, his certifications include 07 Electrical, Grade 2 Boiler, Class C Refrigeration Operator.  He currently works downtown in Seattle at a major high-rise building training his team of engineers and keeping the property functional and efficient.