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Simple Steps:
1. Sign-up (button located at top left corner)
2. Confirm registration (link located in email sent to you when you sign-up)
3. Select Online Courses from top navigation bar
4. Select the course you are interested in, enroll
5. Courses are question-based-for-time, answer the questions to get credit
6. After you answer the questions, you will submit for grading, if you get 75% or better you pass and are directed to Paypal’s website to pay
7. After you pass the exam, pay the fee, and go back into the course, you can download your course completion certificate
8. If you don’t pass, you don’t pay, you are allowed to try again (as many times as it takes)
9. We submit your credit to LNI within 7 business days (but usually the same day)
See the FAQ for further information on requirements for Journey/Admin/Specialty and for Electrical Trainees
**Trainees cannot receive credit for online courses

This happens to a few people.  Some had a trainee card years ago, and now need it reactivated to change jobs, some just didn’t get their payment or CEU classes done in time. For expired trainee cards:

  • You need 48 hours of Classroom CEU for Trainees, sign up here
  • You need to pay the “late fee” (about $70) to LNI
  • Check your profile on LNI website HERE to see how many CEU classes have been posted to your trainee card for this renewal cycle
  • You should check with your previous employer to see if you have hours of experience that can be reported
  • Expired trainee cards become active once payment clears and all CEU credits process

Trainee level Electrician Certification holders may only use classroom-based training, they have only one category to fill—the Basic Classroom Education category

  • Consists of Code, Theory, and Safety
  • 48 Hours of CEU required for two-year renewal

This happens to a lot of people.  Here are the steps to get it back to ACTIVE:

  • You need 48 hours of Classroom CEU for Trainees, sign up here
  • You need to pay the renewal fee, if you pay before the expiry date it is about $50, (late will be about $70) to LNI
  • Check your profile on LNI website HERE to see how many CEU classes have been posted to your trainee card for this renewal cycle
  • You should check with your current/previous employer(s) to see if you have hours of experience that can be reported
  • INACTIVE trainee cards become ACTIVE once payment clears and all CEU credits process

Important: Your renewal clock does not start over once you are ACTIVE.  For example, if your card went inactive, because your renewal cycle was January 2017, and you finished your CEU credits in April 2017, your next renewal cycle is January 2019, not April 2019.  It is possible to become active and only have a month or two to get all 48 hours again.

Important: Once your trainee card goes active, your profile on LNI’s website will no longer show the CEU credits used to renew your card for the cycle you just went through.  The credits are still on your trainee card–but not shown on the website.  You are in a new renewal cycle, the page is blank until you add CEU classes toward the NEXT renewal cycle.

No problem! We are here to help. Please use the Contact Us form, or send an email to [email protected] and describe what you are having trouble with.  Please give us a bit of time to return your message, we are usually in the classroom during the week.
Yes, and no.  The Local 286 (Seattle) Operating Engineers does not automatically pay for union workers to attend Verify Training classes.  Currently, union members are able to pay directly, then obtain reimbursement from the training trust for their courses.  We are working to simplify the process, so check back here for more information.
The Boiler Refresher course is designed to meet the Continuing Education requirement for boiler operators licensed in the City of Seattle.  The course was created for those that already have their license, and need to refresh their memories on operating a boiler plant.  There are few boiler prep-for-exam classes out there, most of the old courses are closed down.  We recommend studying Low-Pressure Boilers by Steingress/Walker before taking any City of Seattle boiler exam.  Check here to see if you meet the City requirements for licensing.  That said, we would be happy to have you in class, and will work with you to help you prepare.
1. Determine your need: Trainees need Basic Classroom Education, courses certified for that are identified as for Trainees
2. You cannot take the same course twice in a single renewal cycle.  Each course has a unique ID number, compare that to the other courses on your profile on LNI’s website
3. Choose a course.  The calendar on the right side of the page shows when the course is scheduled.  The sign-up form on the left side of the page is where you input your information and select the course(s) you wish to take.
4. If the form on the left has a box to check for the course you are looking for and allows you to check the box, there is room left in the class.
5. Once you complete the form, hit the Submit button.
6. There will be an automatic email generated that gives more information about the classroom and courses.
7. If needed, obtain a copy of the 2017 NEC for class, each student should have their own copy–there will be highlighting in class.
Online uses the Paypal system, there are no stored payment records on Verify Training’s website.  You don’t need to have a Paypal account to use the system, you may use your debit or credit card just as you would at any point of sale.  You will receive a receipt from Paypal via email and can request an additional copy from our office about two days later if you need it.
In the classroom, we use a different system.  Payment may be made in the classroom by cash, check, debit, credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX).  If credit arrangements are made, we can invoice your company.  Receipts are emailed to those that pay in the classroom and can include your supervisor for the purposes of accounting/tracking/reimbursement at your direction.  Invoicing is done by email to the accounts payable person at your company, and can include your supervisor for approval/accounting/tracking purposes.  Please contact [email protected] for more details about invoicing.
The classroom is located in a business park.  Parking is free, but on a fist-come-first-available basis, but usually, there are enough stalls to accommodate all students.  Bus lines are nearby, but a bit of a walk to the stops.
Lunch options:
  • Bring your own. There is a microwave available in the classroom, and a mini-fridge.
  • Plan on driving to get your lunch.  There are several options within a two-mile range, but none within easy walking range.
  • Lunch break will be at least 30 minutes.  This break is important and will not be skipped.

The classroom has K-Cup Coffee available for the students, there are usually other snacks such as chips available.

The classroom has WiFi available for the students’ convenience.

You may email [email protected] or phone at 253-277-8756. Or, Contact Us here. We will return your message as soon as possible.
Yes.  We provide classes on-site, but have some minimum requirements:
  • Basic amenities must be provided for students and instructor (parking, smoking area, restrooms, etc.)
  • Minimal charge of four students required
  • Classroom must have adequate seating, HVAC, presentation ability (projector can be included)
  • Plan for lunch (this may be delivery, access to restaurants, or microwave and fridge available)
  • Agreement and planning in advance–email [email protected] for more details
  • Pricing options may be available

We provide our regular certified courses, course completion certificates, qualified instructor, presentation equipment, and printed materials. Travel within a 50-mile radius of the Kent classroom is included, outside of that range will be charged at standard mileage rate.

Each event has its own unique parameters.  Let us know what your need is, and we will put together a plan and quote for you.