COVID Closure

UPDATE 6/14/2020

The LNI Electrical Department has extended the CEU requirement for renewal to September and has now opened classes for Trainee Electrical CEU to webinar-style courses.  These come with restrictions and require verification of the trainee’s government issued photo-ID, monitoring of the students during the live course, an exam, and an open invitation for active monitoring by the Department for each class.  Only classes that are already certified will be able to take advantage of this format, and all other rules will apply (such as the minimum time requirement).  More information can be found HERE.

Verify Training LLC is not equipped to comply fully with the requirements for webinar classes.  The additional requirements from Governor Inslee’s Phase 1.5 return to work program are still not within reach of our classroom.  For this reason, we have decided to remain closed until classes can be conducted without health monitoring concerns, masks, or restrictions on the number of students in the class or distance between students. As of June 21, 2020, all classes will stop until the COVID restrictions on gatherings for lecture classes have lifted enough to hold classes in a regular format.  We will continue to update you when this happens.

We understand that this is a challenging situation for students, and wish everyone the best of luck finding the required CEU courses to comply with the LNI requirements.

UPDATE 5/10/2020:

The LNI Electrical Department has clarified that classes may now continue, subject to the Governor’s Phase 1 COVID Safe and Healthy plan for essential workforce [Guidance Here]. Verify Training cannot completely comply with the requirements for these electrical classes, so to protect the students and follow the intent of the Governor’s Safe and Healthy plan, we will continue to remain closed.
As described below, trainee electricians who have a renewal date after March 12th, 2020, during the COVID closure may continue to work in the electrical field if they pay for their renewal on time, and will have from the start of classes plus 60 days to obtain the required Continuing Education Classes for that renewal.  This timer started May 5, for 60 days for the trainees. Approximate July 4, 2020, for the end date to this catch-up period.
Trainees whose certificate expires who fail to obtain the necessary classes and pay for their renewal will become expired. Any lapse in active status means no electrical experience hour credit may be gained during an expired status, and no electrical work may be done with an expired card.
To reactivate an expired card, should a worker not find these classes during social distancing protocols, they will have the same CEU requirements, and must pay the late renewal fee (about$75).
Because the Verify Training Classroom is small, and protocols are too strenuous for us to comply fully, ensuring a safe experience, we will not be providing classes at this time. However, other providers may be able to comply, and I encourage you to seek out classes if you need them for renewal now.


UPDATE 4/20/2020:

Several news announcements from Governor Inslee indicate the COVID closure will continue for several more weeks.  We have canceled classes scheduled or rescheduled for April, May, and the beginning of June.  Class on 6/19 EPA Refrigeration Handler Universal Prep and Exam is expected to be presented.  Class on 6/20 Boiler Refresher 5-Year is expected to be presented.  All other scheduling for June has been canceled at this time.  If you have paid for a class that has been canceled, please contact us for a refund.  Unfortunately, we cannot predict when classes will resume.


UPDATE 4/02/2020:

Via news conference Thursday, April 2nd at 5 PM, Governor Inslee extended the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order until May 4, 2020.  While we were planning to return to the classroom on April 28, this will not be possible.  The classes scheduled for April 28, 29, 30, and May 4 will all be rescheduled.  We will be reaching out to our students that are registered for these classes within the next few business days to reschedule into May.

We understand this may impact plans and disrupt your schedule.  We want you to know that you (and your health and safety) are our top priority during this time.  We will not provide classes until we are sure that it is safe to do so, and will continue to monitor our employees and students in the classroom when we return to ensure your safety.


UPDATE 4/01/2020:

Due to the Proclamation issued by Governor Inslee on 3/23, our office will be closed until April 8, or as extended by any new proclamation, and our team is working from home.  Our virtual office hours have been reduced, they are now 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Our office phone 253-277-8756 will be a message only line for the duration, and we will be responding to voice messages during office hours.

Rescheduling has been completed for all students that were signed-up for classes impacted by the social distancing order.  We have enabled the registration form on Friday, 3/27, to allow new registrations for classes after the social distancing period (these are subject to change only if the social distancing order is extended.)

Classes on the calendar will proceed as planned.  Classes that are shown on the calendar, are only removed from the registration form if full.  Please choose another class date.

UPDATE 3/20/2020:

To ensure the safety of employees and customers, Verify Training LLC will temporarily close the training classroom located in Kent, WA. The closures, which begins at 5 p.m. Friday, March 20, will remain in effect until April 24, or until further directed by Washington State.

Customers who are able to use our online CEU classes or our online Electrician Practice Exams should continue to do so.  These services will remain unaffected.  Our office hours will also remain unaffected.

This closure is due to the caution surrounding the COVID-19 restrictions and is in compliance with the executive order issued by Governor Jay Inslee on March 13, 2020.  Link to that HERE.

Electrician Trainees searching for CEU Credits to keep their certificate current should refer to the Electrical Currents Newsletter, Special Edition, issued March 20, 2020.  Link to that HERE.  Trainees may pay for their certificate renewal, for those that expire/renew after March 12, 2020, without having to complete their CEU credits until the restriction is lifted (expected date of April 24, 2020, or unless pushed out further) plus an additional 60 days, without penalty from inspectors or code enforcement.  Supervision must still be maintained and the trainee must pay for their renewal.

All classroom courses, including boiler refresher, boiler prep-for-exam, EPA Refrigeration, Seattle Refrigeration Operator prep-for-exam, Journey Level Electrical CEU, and Trainee Level Electrical CEU are suspended until April 24.  If you have classes scheduled and are registered for classes during that timeframe, please contact our office during business hours to reschedule.

Once the restriction on classroom courses has been lifted, we will be offering classes in the Kent classroom.  We wish you all a safe and healthy next few weeks and hope to see you all again in May.